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Oakville Estate Lawyers Advising Clients on Advanced Care Planning and End of Life Decision Making

Proactively planning for the future involves the end of life decision-making and advance care planning. Advance care planning can be part of a broader estate plan, including incapacity planning, powers of attorney, and inter vivos trusts.

At Sweatman Law, our estate lawyers have significant experience guiding clients through the proactive process of planning for the future. Our founder, Jasmine Sweatman worked in Estates and Trusts Law by the Law Society of Ontario and is a recognized leader in the field. We work closely with each of our clients to understand their ultimate goals, provide advice on reaching these goals best, and draft the necessary legal documents to reflect those goals.

Advanced Care Planning Options

It is crucial to discuss end-of-life care options with family, close friends, doctors, and other health care providers and a lawyer experienced in advising clients on such matters. Some options to consider when having these discussions include:

  • Letter of wishes;
  • Palliative care options;
  • Refusal or withdrawal of medical treatment;
  • Refusal of food or drink;
  • Medical assistance in dying.

There is no standard way to plan for the end of life care. Available options will continue to evolve as the government changes the law, and the medical and legal professions adapt accordingly. At Sweatman Law, we can walk clients through the various choices currently available to them under federal and provincial laws and help inform their decision-making. Our team of knowledgeable estate lawyers continually monitors legislative, and related policy developments and constantly keeps current changes to end-of-life planning.

Contact Our Knowledgeable End of Life Planning Lawyers

Taking the time to evaluate your future options and create well-thought-out advanced care or end-of-life plans is an important aspect of a general estate plan. Talking to a lawyer, your family, your loved ones, and your substitute decision-maker about the care you eventually wish to receive is highly advisable. To obtain guidance about the options available to you, contact Sweatman Law online or at 905-337-3307 to arrange an appointment.

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