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Oakville Estate Lawyers Advising Clients on Inter Vivos Trusts

Trusts are an important part of an effective estate plan and can play a critical role in risk management and careful planning for the future. Trusts come in many forms and are commonly used to minimize tax and other financial benefits.

An inter vivos trust is a trust created while the person making the trust is still alive, in contrast to those trusts created upon death through someone’s will. At Sweatman Law Firm, our team of knowledgeable estate lawyers has significant experience guiding clients through the estate planning process, including establishing inter vivos and other trusts. Our founder, Jasmine Sweatman, is recognized as a person in Estates and Trusts Law by the Law Society of Ontario and is a well-regarded leader in the field.

Benefits of Inter Vivos Trusts

There is a wide variety of uses for inter vivos trusts. They are becoming more frequently relied upon for estate planning, particularly in blended families and other complex situations.

Inter vivos trusts are commonly used:

  • To hold property and other assets for the benefit of others (generally family members);
  • For income splitting;
  • For intergenerational planning;
  • For charitable giving;
  • To minimize risk and potential future estate litigation;
  • To minimize taxes;
  • To minimize probate.

If you are interested in creating an inter vivos trust, you should consult with a lawyer specializing in this highly technical area of estate law. Our lawyers have many years of focused experience at Sweatman Law Firm creating customized estate solutions for clients, including inter vivos trusts set up during your lifetime or testamentary trusts set up to act upon your death. We have guided thousands of clients through proactively planning for the future and can advise meeting any needs.

Contact Our Knowledgeable Trusts Lawyers for Guidance with Planning for Your Future

A well-structured estate plan can include one or more trusts. To discuss options available to you, contact Sweatman Law Firm online or at 905-337-3307. We represent clients in Oakville, Georgetown, and Ontario and provide skilled and strategic planning guidance.

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