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In general, a trust can be set up during your lifetime, by way of an inter vivos trust, or upon your death, by way of a testamentary trust. You, either verbally or in writing, by statute, or by the court, can create it. With a trust, a settlor asks a trustee to hold certain property in trust for a beneficiary.

At Sweatman Law, we have extensive experience helping clients establishing a variety of trusts to suit different circumstances, including:

  • Family trusts
  • Henson trusts for families with child who have disabilities
  • Charitable trusts
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Alter ego, spousal and joint partner trusts
  • Asset protection trusts

It is important that if trusts are set up, they are fully integrated with your estate plan.

Trusts Offer a Wide Range of Benefits

One of our experienced trust lawyers can explain in detail the benefits of these legal documents, including the following:

  • Provide a method to transfer property to others without giving up control of the assets entirely
  • Provide a way to give to and support disabled beneficiaries who are unable to manage property on their own
  • Provide a way to benefit a disabled person without affecting his or her eligibility for government benefits
  • May (subject to some restrictions) permit income and capital gains splitting among family members with lower tax rates
  • Provide a method by will to provide for your spouse (or other beneficiary) during his or her lifetime (spousal trust), while controlling what happens to any remaining assets on the beneficiary’s death
  • Transfer future growth (when combined with an estate freeze) to the next generation in a tax-efficient way
  • Protect assets from the claims of creditors by providing trustee discretion over the distribution of the trust property

When you select our law firm, we are available to:

    • Advise you as to ways to utilize trusts in your will, based on your personal circumstances
    • Discuss your personal and family circumstances to help you determine whether an inter vivos trust is right for you
    • Prepare various types of inter vivos and testamentary trusts
    • Review and interpret trust deeds
    • Assist with the replacement and removal of trustees
    • Advise you on the rights and obligations of trustees and beneficiaries
    • Review and prepare trust accounts
    • Advise trustees and beneficiaries with respect to inter vivos and testamentary trusts

Offering Personalized Estate Planning Solutions

Our experienced trust lawyers can develop a solution appropriate for your needs and goals; this could be a trust set up during your lifetime, an inter vivos trust, or upon your death, by way of a testamentary trust as part of an estate plan. We have extensive experience in this area of law and provide customized solutions to meet any needs.

Providing Trust Administration Advice and Services

With a trust, a settlor, the creator of a trust, ask one or more trustees to hold certain property in trust for one or more beneficiaries. A trustee has a fiduciary responsibility, together with other trustees if they are named, to manage the assets and disburse the proceeds of the trust to a beneficiary appropriately. If you are a trustee, our firm can provide a range of trust administration advice and services to help you comply with the law and fulfill your duties. We can also counsel beneficiaries on their rights regarding trusts.

Focusing On Trust Litigation

Sweatman Law represents trustees and beneficiaries in all types of trust litigation. Our extensive experience as counsel and as litigators enable us to quickly identify the key legal issues in any dispute and develop an effective litigation strategy.

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