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As with any legal document, it is essential for the creator of a will to use precise, straightforward language. Unfortunately, this is not as simple as it sounds. Wills can be vague or ambiguous; this can force the executor to interpret the meaning of the will.

At Sweatman Law, our lawyers assist executors with will interpretation and represent clients seeking to challenge the executor’s/estate trustee’s or another beneficiary’s understanding. We have extensive experience drafting and reviewing wills. Additionally, we can help you resolve any estate dispute regarding the will or other elements of estate administration.

Challenging a Will Interpretation

Executors are required to follow the terms of the will when carrying out their duties. If an executor fails to adhere to the terms of the will properly, he or she may be personally liable. If you believe that a will has not been properly interpreted, we can help you bring an action to hold the executor accountable. Our lawyers will stand by your side, protect your rights under the will and act as your advocates before the court.

Representing Executors/Estate Trustees in Ontario

When interpreting a will, an executor/estate trustee should work closely with an experienced lawyer. A misguided interpretation as an executor/estate trustee can expose you to liability. We can help you interpret the terms of the will. When necessary, we can also help you bring an action to have the court interpret the will, which will shield you from liability for your actions.

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